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A Live Radio Demonstration of A Hypnotic Cure
(Alpha FM 31st Mar 2006)

On the 31st of March 2006 I had the opportunity to appear on Alpha FM's (Star Radio) breakfast show and to cure a severe long term phobia LIVE on air.
(Phobias make media friendly demonstrations which can be quickly proved effective)

By correcting a genuine and long term problem on a live broadcast, I proved without doubt that when used correctly hypnosis does provide effective solutions with great predictability for real problems.

Sincere thanks to everyone at Alpha FM for being kind enough to do this feature and for allowing a demonstration of just how effective hypnosis can be.
Here is what they had to say...

"Thanks to Tim the hypnotist (as he is now known, also Doctor Tim to us!) for coming in to cure Mike's LIFT PHOBIA, which we tested out in full view off shoppers in the CORNMILL SHOPPING CENTRE, it really does work and now Mike and family can give the stairs a miss!"

Alpha FM website (April 2006)
(Time taken to remove the phobia was just 22 minutes.)

Follow Up From A Video Documentary (Nov 2007)

In November 2007 Tim removed a severe needle phobia for a documentary.
Tim had never met the young woman before but she left the session an hour later with no fear of needles. Find out what they had to say below.

"The documentary went well thank you. I still haven't run off any copies of it yet but when I do I will inform you so I can send you a copy if you like.
The last time I spoke to Fran she still didn't have a phobia. I think your treatment was excellent and I can see why the person with the phobia has to follow instructions"... "she really enjoyed it and couldn't believe after the treatment that she wasn't afraid of needles, I don't think any of us could believe it!"

(Email from documentary producer some months later - Removal of a needle phobia. Time taken approx 1 hour.)

Tim's Bulimia Treatment Independently Validated
by Successful American Hypnotherapist

The very successful American hypnotherapist Kaben Starre, who works fairly close to Hollywood has taken an interest in Tim's work and in the methods he has have developed. Sincere thanks to Kaben for having conducted things so thoroughly and also for having the requisite skills to use the techniques.
Here is the feedback he gave regarding Tim's method for clearing bulimia.

"Miracles Hypnosis Center
11374 N Fox Hollow Trail,

Hi Tim,

I'm writing to say how well your audio program worked. As a hypnotherapist for the past 29 years I have tried to help a number of people with Bulimia and have had zero success. This is inconvenient since half my clientele are in the movie industry. Many have needed help with these eating disorders. They need it to be done with strict confidentiality and that is not very likely where there are large staffs at in-patient treatment centers.

As you know, I did everything I could to get out of treating this client, because of my past failures with Bulimics, and even tried to talk her family into my flying her over the pond to be helped by you at my expense. Since this well known family would not allow it, for fear of a scandal, I reluctantly took on the task armed with your audio program and your advise.

I invested a week studying and memorizing and rehearsing all of your phrases and your delivery. Over a two day period client and I worked through everything while following your audio program closely. We finished the program and she was off to her home in Manhattan and her best friend's birthday party later that week. I was concerned about the party because everyone binges at a party... don't they?

Remember now that this girl has had been in bulimia hell for ten years and has been to two rehabilitation centers where she received traditional medication with cognitive behavior therapies; both for six week in-patient programs. Not only did both fail to help my client but they actually made her worse off because they made her absolutely convinced that she could not be helped. They also charged more than $30,000 at each clinic! She said she did multiple purges the very days she left both centers.

Tim, your program has had nine days of success after only two days of treatment!

I spoke with her just today and she is positive that her binge/purge compulsions are gone forever. Her family is delighted, she is amazed and I am more so.

The brilliant effort you have made to put your expertise and wisdom into this truly effective program is obvious. I am not surprised that it is so effective since you are clearly Britains authority on these conditions. What I am surprised at, however, is the compounding effectiveness that each module builds in the user while at the same time being so easy to use. Just load the modules into an MP3 and go from one to the next module and do exactly as instructed. Repeat any module you need to!

Why people are going through life in bulimia/Anorexia Hell or still going to the traditional, complete-failure treatment centers to get help when you and this program are right there is what surprises me more than anything, I suppose. Thank you soooooo much for giving me access to it.

Best Regards,

Kaben Starre, C.Ht.
Managing Director

( Note: The audio program Kaben refers to is my self help audio system.
Kaben is based quite close to LA and Las Vegas and anyone in the USA wishing to benefit from the "Phizackerley Method" of clearing bulimia may wish to consider contacting him. - See letterhead"

Client Feedback: Example

L*** had been having problems for years. She was a likeable and attractive young woman in her mid twenties who purged by means of taking laxatives and had binged and purged every day for years. She was at her wits end with it and desperate for help. She was trying to get assistance from the NHS but had waited so long she decided to try "something else" and hence decided to try hypnotherapy. She didn't have high expectations but was absolutely delighted with the results.
(Number of sessions: 1)

"I came to you on the 4th June for a session and found it so successful. It is hard for me to remember my thought process' before I came to you because they were so atrocious. My whole attitude has changed sooo much I am still getting used to my new eating habits now. ...I know it has only been 2 weeks but I have never gone 2 weeks in the last 4 years without bingeing and purging.

Thankyou so much for your help, I am very grateful for everything you have done for me."

Client Feedback: Example

K**** had lots of questions as well as several reservations. She was bingeing and purging every day and had been for years. She had tried more conventional approaches with no success and had nothing positive to say of her experience of psychologists. She asked a lot of very intelligent questions and was motivated, honest and cooperative which is a requirement for success. She travelled a considerable distance to see Tim but was evidently delighted with the results. As so often happens, she still couldn't quite get her head around how exactly how it was possible to be helped so completely.
(Number of sessions: 1)

"I know it has been less than 24 hours since I saw you but I simply had to contact you to inform you of how wonderful things are!! Yesterday was the first day in over five years that I was not sick. When I left yesterday I felt a bit indifferent, not sure whether it had 'worked' or what and when mum rang and said 'are you cured then? I thaught, well I hope so, its dificult to say, I think maybe I am, but then wow, whilst driving home I noticed how I was thinking about things soooo differently. I stopped to get fuel and instead of my old thinking of what/how much food I could buy from the garage etc it didnt even cross my mind! I went home, felt hungry at around six so made a healthy tea, enjoyed and really tasted every mouthful and then that was it, forgot about it and decided I was off to the trafford centre late night shopping to treat 'the new me'. I never really thaught about food for the rest of the evening until I got home and decided I was a little peckish so had some fruit and a hot choc before bed, its totally strange, I really can't believe it, everything is different and so so much better. I feel great about my self, as you said, I feel confident and like I am 'dazzling'!! I'm not quite sure what my boyfriend quite knew what to think when I got undressed for bed with the lights on rather than off, something I would never have done before but I thaught to myself, I have a nice body and why hide it! Similar thaughts must of being going through my head when I baught a brand new and rather revealing dress shopping last night, I thaught to myself, 'I can wear that, why not'! I seem to be more motivated with everything, when my alarm went off this morning, instead of my old thinking of 'I really dont want to get up, I am not ready to face the day, I simply thaught 'oh better get up, things I want to do and want to make a start, I felt refreshed and alive and in years I have never felt like that!!

I cant thank you enough for how much I know you have helped me. I know for a fact I will never engage in those silly behaviour and thaught patterns again. Your work is truly amazing, it really is. You deserve a medal for it and I will be eternally grateful. Your work is so so valuable. ....I know things have changed so much and I just had to let you know. thanks so much. "

Client Feedback: Example

S***** was doubtful about hypnosis but very unhappy and needed help. The initial contact had been made by her mother. Tim agreed to take her on because he believed he could help her escape the nightmare of her eating disorder. At the time Tim saw her she was feeling very depressed and was drinking in excesss to try and cope with the depression. (The depression was being caused by having her eating disorder)
As usual Tim did just one session which in this case was briefer than most but got the expected excellent results. This feedback was received 3 months later and she was still very happy.
(Number of sessions: 1)

"Tim, I didn't think hypnotherapy would be for me, but after one session it really REALLY made a difference to the way I think about and react to food.

My thought processes have completely changed and I can't believe what a massive effect it has h ad on my life...

It's nothing like I expected, made a lot more sense, and I only wish I'd done it sooner..."

Client Feedback: Example

C*** had had problems since her early teens. Prior to many years of bulimia she'd been an alcoholic and she'd also previously had severe anorexia. She had calculated that her eating disorder had cost in the order of £200,000 in terms of binges, therapy and lost earnings etc. She was very unhappy, didn't like herself and had been considering throwing herself under a train. She was unlucky enough to lose her job almost immediately the session which really tested the results and ultimately caused her to falter. She had so many problems that one day simply wasn't enough to clear all of her numerous issues. This however was feedback at 4 weeks.
(Number of sessions: 1)

"Hi Tim

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to write to you. I have had a bit of a challenging couple of weeks as I have lost my job. I have been a bit caught up in all the practicalities and anxieties around that and lost track of time.

I just wanted to belatedly thank you SO much for the day you spent with with me. I was so profoundly affected by it on so many levels. While I am sure on a hypnotherapy level that was maybe to have been expected, but there was so much more. You really do have a gift...you are incredibly easy to be around and so much of what you said and did put me at my ease.

You are also a very wise, funny and talented man. I had worried so much that I would not be able to feel safe enough to engage but you really made that so easy.

I'm sorry we hit some things that were probably a bit more complex and that you had to spend a whole day with me. But I was so incredibly blown away by your generosity and kindness and tenacity. If I ever get the opportunity to repay you, I promise you it will be a priority for me.

In terms of 'did it work'...well it would seem so. I haven't binged or purged or anything since I saw you which is all the more amazing given what has been going on in my life. I look around at my world and it feels in tatters right now yet I haven't had really any urge to binge. Considering I spent the vast majority of the last year bingeing nearly daily...something has shifted. Unfortunately, I have lost some weight...I would guess it is a consequence of the stress of all of this but I am trying to eat as normally as possible...but i am trying not to let that turn into anything and have been eating things I never used to eat.

Maybe you could let me know what you need from me in the way of 'evidence'. I will definitely be passing on the success to other people who are struggling and make them aware of you and your work. It still feels a little premature for me to be confidently 'safe' but I do feel hopeful enough now to acknowledge this shift and perhaps dare to think it might last.

I don't really know what to say except the most enormous thank you. That feels so hugely inadequate. I am really interested in looking into using hypnotherapy on other issues that are affecting me...you really have me converted!

Thanks so much....C***"

Client Feedback: Example

V****** was very dubious about hypnosis but was in urgent need of help. A British citizen who was resident in Thailand she'd had to be hospitalised for a month shortly before she saw me because her anorexia was life threatening. She'd come over to the UK and had seen an NHS psychiatrist but eventually discharged herself from his care because she said she'd realised that he didn't know how to help her.

When Tim saw her she was flying back to Thailand and consequently there was not time to fully correct the problem. The short session was therefore prioritised so as to provide the best help in the shortest possible time. She gave me this feedback.
(Number of sessions: 1 very short session)

"After a month in hospital in Bangkok and another month as an outpatient with the NHS your approach was like a breath of fresh air! I had no idea what to expect and had not really been well enough to do any kind of reading or research into hypnotherapy. Thus I came with a healthy dose of scepticism and ignorance. Perhaps it wasn't a bad thing to have very few pre-conceived ideas. Having never met a hynotherapist before I was surprised at how 'normal' and down to earth you were. You were able to put me at ease which isn't an easy thing to do with someone living with high anxiety levels much of the time. As a result of years of anorexia and depression I was feeling pretty hopeless. Knowing that you had worked with bulimia with great success I was willing to give it a go even though my situation was a little different.

Thank you for taking the time to explain what hynotherapy is (and isn't) and for having incredible patience in dealing with my many questions, fears and numerous worries. I was fascinated to learn how often we enter the hypnotic state in everyday life and how normal it all is. At best I thought that you would be able to help with some of the anxiety and restlessness I experience but I gained so much more than that during our appointment. Whilst our session didn't flick a magic switch to bring about instant cure it did give me 3 very useful experiences/tools/images to help during recovery (which is, ultimately, my own responsibility!) You helped me to recognise and even, at times, to silence or at least turn down the volume of that 'inner critic'- the negative thoughts which are a huge part of any eating disorder. You helped me to build up a humerous picture of what gaining weight would be like and helped me to see that side of recovery in a positive way, helping me to give myself permission to eat and be a little heavier whilst still being healthy. Finally you helped me to visualise a person that had hurt me and talk back to that person instead of being the victim. This has been a huge step to being able to let go of past trauma and forgive. What was so refreshing throughout was that you helped me to do these things and didn't try to do anything FOR me. When facing the past you didn't even need to know what I was visualising. Therefore the session was a lot less anxiety-provoking than a session with a psychiatrist or psychologist.

I hope that makes sense. It is hard to put into words."

Client Feedback: Example

N**** had suffered from alchoholism and had developed a chronic eating disorder after coming out of rehab. She had never really eaten breakfast or lunch for as long as she could remember, at least during her adult life. There had been underlying problems for a long time but she had managed pretty much okay until all of a sudden she had found herself spending every evening eating pretty much constantly and hardly leaving the fridge. She was very anxious about putting on weight and the idea of eating breakfast and lunch as well was quite a fearful one. This was follow up at approx 3 weeks.
(Number of sessions: 1)

"Hi Tim,

Sorry I haven't got back to you, I've been so busy with assignments; finish my course next week and am using every spare second I have to read, study and type!

Things have been great since we met; I've had a few blips but I took them for what they were. Ive also been easier with myself in the gym, not feeling I have push myself to my limit.

So all in all, very successful !