The Self Help System

Very few therapists understand Bulimia, but this specialist self help programme gives you access to my specialist knowledge and treatment at an affordable price. Remember also, I have an open invitation to the media on the homepage of this website regarding the quality of my treatments, so you can have absolute confidence this was created by an expert. Just work your way through it carefully following instructions.


  • Escape Bulimia nervosa in privacy and comfort.
  • This system has been independently tested. (see testimonials page)
  • With this self help system there is no need to explain yourself to others.
  • You'll get multiple hypnotic tracks and many other interventions to help you. (This package is several hours long)
  • Avoid expensive and frustrating one to one sessions with people who simply don't understand.
  • Affordable and very comprehensive.
  • No need to wait. Download it and get started.
  • Produced by an internationally recognised therapist who has specialised in Bulimia for several years.
  • Use this whenever and wherever you like.
  • Use this for as long as you need it.
  • Years of work with real Bulimia went into this system.

Bulimia self help system When I produced this for you I put together what I am sure is the the most comprehensive and powerful self help system for Bulimia ever created. This audio package is several hours long so it will take a you a while to work through it. It is based on my face to face sessions with genuine bulimics so it covers all common problems related to Bulimia to release you from them.
Please note: You will need to listen and follow instructions because this requires ACTIVE PARTICIPATION. It may also require persistence but you will have this for as long as you need it. You will discover a completely self contained self help system. This is exactly the same audio system which has been independently verified as being effective by American hypnotherapist Kaben Starre. (See the independent verification on the testimonials page).

 Please note! This is only available as a download at present and not on CD, so you need to download this.

You will get fifteen MP3 files for transfer to an MP3 player or use on a computer with earphones. You will also get full instructions.

 Audio System Tracks
1st hypnotic track
Slim People
The Inner Voice
Dealing with the fear of weight gain
Dealing with problem memories
Exposure illusion explained
2nd hypnotic track
Click tone desensitisation introduction
Click tone desensitisation
Primer for success
3rd hypnotic track
4th hypnotic track
5th hypnotic track, etc...

Residential clinics can cost the earth and are totally inappropriate for many bulimics. I have priced this self help system at around the cost of a days binging. Use this system and you will not need to travel because you can use this at home. Download years of expertise and get started today. Another advantage of self help is that you will be able to make progress at your own pace.

This audio system is several hours long and is almost 100mb in size.

Although I am based in the UK, my audio system for the treatment of bulimia is only sold for download via a USA based distributor of my work. (They acquired a Worldwide license for the sale of this system in 20110). Simply use the link below to buy and you will get this immediate;y. You will need broadband to download it.

Buy Now for ONLY $67.00

PSTEC for Bulimia