Tim Phizackerley's Qualifications

Tim Phizackerley - (Internationally recognised)

Qualifications in brief:
Creator of PSTEC™ Therapy - This is a therapy method which is now in use around the world. Initially Tim developed PSTEC specifically to treat eating disorders successfully. There is now an International Register of therapists who offer PSTEC for a variety of issues. (PSTEC Register)
D.Hyp (Distinction) - Diploma (with Distinction) in Clinical Hypnotherapy
B.Ed(Honours). - Bachelor of Education Honours degree.
Tim uses his ability to teach new behaviours fast as an adjunct to the intensive therapy programme
Tim's training materials and therapies have been studied worldwide.
MBCS CITP(Chartered Status)
(Tim is a former computer analyst.)

Specialist in eating disorders and in particular Bulimia Nervosa and Anorexia.

Expert in therapy for a wide variety of issues.

"I have a university degree with honours in teaching. This qualification has been very useful for making sure that you will easily follow the tutorials and instructions in my self help system. In the past I worked as computer analyst and programmer and this has helped me to programme subconscious change in effective ways. I hold chartered status as a member of the BCS

I am also a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register: Registering agency for the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council. I feel strongly that hypnosis and other therapies should be used ethically, responsibly and quickly to improve people's lives with your needs upermost at all times.

I am the creator and currently the only practitioner of a unique treatment for bulimia, anorexia and related eating disorders."

Television and Radio Appearances

See what Alpha FM 103.2 (now Star Radio) had to say.

Tim: "I am happy to demonstrate the therapeutic effectiveness of hypnosis. I would particularly like to show how predictably bulimia nervosa can be corrected.
Note: If you work in the media and you want to do such a feature then please get in touch."


For obvious reasons I only take clients on when I expect them to be successful But even so I cannot offer an absolute guarantee of success. No truly professional therapist would do so. I do however guarantee to give every client absolutely the very best that I am able to give, with the expected outcome being a complete release from the presenting problem.
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