About My Bulimia Nervosa Treatment.

My Method
Corrective treatment in person is undertaken in just one day (very occasionally two days). My goal is a complete correction of the problem by the time we finish working.

If you've had psychiatric care or CBT elsewhere without success that's no barrier to your being successful. I enjoy correcting eating disorders that others have failed with. (Psychologists and eating disorder clinics generally use CBT. I NEVER use CBT. Further down this page you'll see why.) I use methods which are entirely NON-Cognitive.

I specialise in providing escape from Bulimia Nervosa. (Sometimes I also correct Anorexia.) I work on both because they have some distinct similarities. Often bulimics tell me that they have previously suffered from Anorexia anyway. I define Bulimia Nervosa as the condition in which someone recurrently binge eats and then purges by any one of a variety of means.

All compulsions and habits have a cause and must be coming from somewhere. If you are not able to consciously fix the problem then the problem is subconscious in nature. This is why I do NOT use CBT. Also I do NOT teach coping strategies. I believe it is always far better to remove the problem altogether. I undertake this using a mixture of specialist hypnosis, hypnoanalysis, PSTEC™, corrective suggestion, neuro-linguistic techniques and some other techniques developed especially for the purpose. It's a very intensive day but well worth the effort.

Hypnosis is extremely useful for Bulimia treatment or for anorexia treatment because it allows for communication with the subconscious in a very powerful and direct way. This means that it's possible to address root causes to correct them. Another reason why I use hypnosis, is because people with Bulimia Nervosa are usually quite suggestible. although often they think quite the reverse. The truth is that very often friends or the media will have played a significant part in the development of an eating disorder. As such, most people with Bulimia are actually very good hypnotic subjects. This is something very important to consider when deciding on treatment options. If you think you can't be hypnotised then you can relax on that score. I have never met a client I couldn't hypnotise.

I use suggestion, and I also routinely use Elman inspired hypno-analytical techniques. This is because these have proven very successful. Elman's analytical strategies retrieve memories using hypnosis. They have previously been described as the "Jewel in the crown" of hypnotherapy. This is because with a cooperative client these methods can often yield information about the EXACT origins of any problem and this can often take just a matter of minutes.

In my personal opinion the Elman analytical techniques are superior to all others we know of. I also use other means to determine the best course of treatment. Where I use other methods, the ability of the subconscious to absorb information is key to change. This means that a variety of tools can be used to provide a rapid treatment. Since all clients are different I am adaptive in my approach. This means you will get completely bespoke assistance and I will use only those methods I know from experience to be most effective.

Both Anorexia and Bulimia are often regarded as being a medical problem. That is not the case although they can make people very ill. Bulimia and Anorexia are behavioural problems which originate in the mind. Almost invariably they have an emotional cause and those emotions create behaviours which are symptomatic of an eating disorder. Fortunately, no behaviour is fixed and you will realise when you think about it that you change all the time in one way or another. You have been changing all your life. It was your ability to change which created an eating disorder in the first place. The same ability to change makes escape an eating disorder possible.

CBT is the favoured approach of the medical professionals but in my opinion CBT should never be used for eating disorders. To illustrate why I say this, let me give you an example. It is common for me to see people who have had extensive CBT and gotten nowehere. Sometimes they will have had CBT or counselling spanning several years. But when a woman has had 2 years or more of intensive cognitive behavioural therapy really she should have made at least some progress. If she is still struggling with the same problem then I have to ask why?
Why on earth is CBT ever used? CBT is designed for cognitive issues but eating disorders are not cognitive. Bulimia Nervosa and Anorexia are about feelings as much as anything. Emotions are not cognitive and so cognitive strategies cannot possibly hope to impact on such problems in any significant way. Personally I think many psychologists already realise this but they don't know what else to use. I believe this is why very often CBT therapists will attempt to teach coping strategies for eating disorders. This is an admission in itself that CBT doesn't work. If CBT actually worked then coping strategies wouldn't be needed at all.

Those with eating disorders do not want coping strategies! What you want is to be free of your eating disorder. This is the reason why specialist hypnotic interventions are best. In my opinion, to attempt anything other than a complete removal of the problem would be a disservice to any client.

A complete removal of the problem is my goal for everyone I see.
IF I agree to work with you then I will take you on with the expectation that your Bulimia or Anorexia will be corrected during your treatment session. For this to happen I will expect you to work hard during the day and to follow instructions.

I am an expert in hypnosis. I have a Worldwide reputation. I specialise in eating disorders. And I created a very powerful therapy which is used around the World. If I agree to work with you I will expect you to be successful but even I can't offer an absolute guarantee. It's important for you to realise this when you book with me. I am far more affordable than residential clinics but even so, at some point there is a leap of faith for every client who decides to see me. Those who are unwilling to make that leap will very sadly never know the outcome.

Very few people seem to understand exactly what processes create Bulimia or Anorexia That's why I use the methods I do and also why my specialist hypnotic techniques are the best choice. The methods I use are all designed to be very fast and very effective. My methods may seem rather peculiar at first but very quickly clients feel change as the day goes on. This is because I use the same mechanisms which create eating disorders in reverse order to remove them. This simple fact is the key to the methods I use. Because I work in this way the transitions are generally so smooth that usually a client can't even grasp how they were released from their eating disorder. Looks of bafflement are common as they try to access their old ways of thinking and feeling but find they simply can't. It's very much the speed and profoundness of the change which surprises people most.

Who Can Be Helped?
I only help those who genuinely want to be helped. Before working with anyone I assess ability and willingness to follow instructions. I speak with all would-be clients by phone first to get a detailed overview of the problem. This is because I want to check a few things. It's also because my treatment requires full cooperation and a genuine desire to be set free. Being honest with me is essential from the outset.

How Long Does It Take?
For Bulimia-Nervosa or Anorexia I do my work in just one long session lasting much of the day. The duration of the day is open ended and down to my judgement. A days work is likely to be on the order of 4 to 6 hours. Sometimes it may be longer if I believe for any reason that further corrective work is required. I quote a price based on then number of hours I expect it to take and then I do not exceed that price even if we have to spend longer than I anticipate.

It's natural for people who have struggled for a long time with a problem to have doubts. You're almost certainly wondering if your eating disorder can really be quickly and reliably be corrected. Doubts are not a problem and I'm used to working around those so you can relax on that score.

A while back I wanted to demonstrate just how reliable hypnosis can be so I left my comfort zone to remove a severe phobia on a live local radio programme (see testimonials page).
I corrected this phobia which had lasted for around 10 years in just 22 minutes on a LIVE broadcast.
Then about a year later I corrected another phobia for a filmed documentary. I can do this only because I am an expert in hypnosis and also because wherever possible I use very reliable methods. Bulimia Nervosa is more time consuming to correct than a phobia. It also makes a less effective display for the media but all the same it is possible.
Remember, I will only agree to work with you when I am confident I can help you. That's not to say I can offer a cast iron guarantee because I can't and no truly professional therapist would. But if you do want to be rid of an eating disorder then contact me.

Important Note:
My technique is not suited to everyone so...
please check suitability via the online assessment page..

Declaration: The opinions and ideas contained here are a reflection of my own experience in working with real clients. I want everyone I work with to be very successful and to enjoy a happier life. For this reason I only use those tools which I believe will give you the best results. This is why I never use CBT. On this website I talk about my own experience and opinions. In order to make sure that my advertising is ethical I think it is important for me to state that I can only offer personal opinion on this website and nothing more. I cannot absolutely guarantee a successful outcome for 100% of clients and all clients must agree to follow instructions fully. The ideas expressed are based on my own researches and extensive experience and this may or may not be the standard scientific viewpoint at this time. Essentially what I am saying is this. Anyone wanting to study empirical data directly is more than welcome to read the appropriate scientific literature for themselves.