I Specialise in Helping People Fast!

I specialise in two things: rapid outcomes and Bulimia/Anorexia. See my media challenge (below). I have a growing International reputation and I believe therapy should be fast and provide truly profound outcomes. I created new tools to make that possible and these tools are now in use around the world.

Anyone in the media who would like to make a documentary in which my methods are pitched directly against those of any well known therapist, psychologist or residential clinic is very welcome to do so.
I will happily demonstrate how much faster and how much more effective my methods are than theirs.
I work to provide profound results ....FAST!

First I'll explain how I became a specialist in treating Bulimia Nervosa and Anorexia.

My first ever success with Bulimia Nervosa was a very pleasant young woman who was about 24 years old. Before I saw her she'd been binging and purging for several years. For her the purge side was mostly by using laxatives but she would also vomit if laxatives were not available. At the end of our session she sat and stared at me in utter disbelief because no matter how hard she tried she simply couldn't get the bulimic feelings back. This was a turning point in both our lives. She was free of it and I went on to specialise in treating it. You'll learn more about how I treated her and how my treatments have evolved on this page and also on the rest of the website. (Hint: Remember to bookmark this page)

Since that first successful session with Bulimia I've become quite well know around the world, mostly because in order to treat Bulimia I created an entirely new way of doing therapy.
In a slightly different form that therapy can be used for other things too and it's now in use in practically every English speaking country.

Bulimia is horrible. If you have it you're probably all too familiar with the awful routine of binging and purging so how do you break that routine and is it even possible? Here's the simplest way I can explain this to get you started.
Think back for a moment, because you haven't always had Bulimia. This simple fact means it's 100% guaranteed you don't have to be bulimic! You know from your own experience you can function just as well without it.

As a therapist I've worked with lots and lots of different issues but the thing I find most exciting is releasing someone from Bulimia.

My first success with Bulimia though was in late 2006.
In 2009 I made some of my unique therapy tools available online.
By 2010 my tools and techniques were in use all over the world. That use is growing all the time.
Now therapists are using my materials in practically every English speaking country, so I really do know how to help people change and FAST!. If you visit the PSTEC website you can hear real people from around the world talking about how they have used my tools for success with a wide variety of issues.

Most issues are much more straightforward then resolving Bulimia and so I love to fix them. If you have a fear or anxiety, or you want to perform better at something then I'll enjoy showing you fast effective solutions.
The young woman I mentioned at the of this page start was my very first success with Bulimia though and it was really that which changed the way I do therapy. She came to see me looking for a cure because she was desperate. She'd said she'd been everywhere else and tried everything else. At the time I thought I might be able to help her but I wasn't completely sure because I was using a totally new technique which I'd invented. She was prepared to "give it a go" so it was perfect partnership. I already knew from previous experience that using standard techniques didn't work for Bulimia nervosa so this time I used the new methods I'd designed and fortunately it worked absolutely great.

Rather strangely my method was based partly on something I had also used before to stop people smoking. To both our delights it worked and her Bulimia ended in that first session. She wrote to me about three years later and she was still free of it.

About a week after my first success with Bulimia and quite by chance I was contacted by someone else who also had Bulimia Nervosa. I used exactly the same method and once again we had a success. Once I'd freed two people from Bulimia in succession I knew I had something. That's how it all began, hence this website.

Because I'm now so busy and also quite well known, my fees in person exceed what many people want to pay. In order to compensate for this I do offer a very powerful self help system for Bulimia Nervosa.
If using my Bulimia self help system do remember, it is not a race to the finish. It's quality of result that counts most of all, so be thorough and persistent when you use it.

declaration: The opinions and ideas contained here are a reflection of my own experience in working with real clients. I want everyone I work with to be very successful and to enjoy a happier life. For this reason I only use those tools which I believe will give you the best results. This is why I NEVER use CBT. On this website I talk about my own experience and opinions. In order to make sure that my advertising is ethical I think it is important for me to state that I can only offer personal opinion on this website and nothing more. I cannot absolutely guarantee a successful outcome for 100% of clients and all clients must agree to follow instructions fully. The ideas expressed are based on my own researches and extensive experience, and this may or may not be the standard scientific viewpoint at this time. Essentially what I am saying is this. Anyone wanting to study empirical data directly is more than welcome to read the appropriate scientific literature for themselves.